November 8th – 14th and 16th – 22nd

As a high-achieving individual at the pinnacle of your career, your time is spent focusing on your business, and squeezing in time for that ethereal life-balance. It’s likely you can’t remember a fraction of the many seminars and conferences that you’ve attended, or the “secrets of success” that they shared.

But imagine a scenario in which your environment is an integral, glorious component of your learning experience… where the scents, sights, sounds conspire to awaken your consciousness…and where absorbing new ideas, and possibilities become as easy as taking a breath…where you’re truly free to unlock your vast, untapped potential, unencumbered by the boundaries of the workaday world.

This place, this never-before imagined experience – combining leadership, laughter and luxury – truly exists. And you’ll find it when you take this 7-day ‘journey of a lifetime’ through the InnerFluence (TM) program at my exclusive, secluded resort Villa Pantulan on the spectacular island of Bali.

The experience at Pantulan was like no other. Spending time there took me to another level of awareness of all that can be accomplished in a lifetime. The food was stupendous, the scenery was lush and the accommodations were uncompromising. Plus, Jacqueline’s InnerFluence (TM) program is fabulous and she is truly inspiring. Spending time learning about the culture of Bali, combined with learning about yourself and others will enhance your soul and your intentions for the next steps in your true and desired passions. — Keitha Rocco, CEO, Data Marketing Group, New York.

This is your time to reset, rejuvenate, and reflect on the legacy you want to leave the world.

For more than 30 years, I’ve helped many of the world’s most accomplished women tap into their creativity, set goals for the next phase of their lives, and successfully (and joyfully) realize those goals. At my InnerFluence (TM) seminars, you’ll revel in the lush, sensual backdrop of Bali while charting a path toward the future you desire.

Are you ready to transform your career, and your life? Discover the abundance opportunities INNERFLUENCE (TM) can reveal…on Bali, and beyond.

An Experience like No Other….

During this week with Jacqueline in Bali, she was able to help me gain clarity about the work I’m doing, and to clear the way for me to take an bigger role than I’m currently doing and define the legacy I want to leave in the world. Since the retreat my career has shifted 180 degrees as my passion as been rejuvenated and the influence I want to have with the work I’m doing has increased.Taking time for this has been an act of generosity to myself.

— Ardela Daniels, Human Performance Manager, INPO, Atlanta.

This seminar was a ‘WOW’ for me. This place is like heaven on earth. I have so much to do, and an overwhelming feeling that I can’t get everything done. It’s very stressful. Being here I get to unplug, step away from the computer and get centered, realizing I have all the time I need to accomplish great things in my life. Jacqueline is an awesome facilitator. Her personal stories, her authenticity, and her passion for helping others. She’s real. After this retreat, I’m on fire, and ready to take my career to the next level.”

— Ava Youngblood, Youngblood Executive Search, Inc, Chicago

The experience in Bali has grounded me in really affirming what I’ve learned, and made it my own. An immersion of one week with Jacqueline was powerful and effective. To have comprehensive continuous communication with Jacqueline for one week was thought provoking, exhilirating and has had an invaluable impact on my life as I feel more empowered to take a leading role at my company, and, just as important, to make more time for myself. The added bonus was working with Jacqueline in the beautiful sanctuary of her villa in Bali with staff who care about their guest(s). Jacqueline is not only highly intelligent and smart, she is warm, generous and kind and I know from working with her that she really cares about helping one to strive, achieve and see their potential.

— Alex Franciscus, Tiger Infrastructure, New York

Come with me to my home in Bali!

Villa Pantulan Bali was voted one of the top villas in Indonesia in 2013 by Trip Advisor.